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Tony Gwynn’s 3,000 hit ball among items sold at auction

UC Davis vs San Diego State Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

About a week and a half ago we told you that Tony Gwynn’s family was auctioning off some of his prized memorabilia, including his 3,000 hit ball. The Union-Tribune reports that 24 of the 26 items sold and the ball brought the biggest bid. The ball was thought to bring about $55,000 but sold for $142,762 to a private collector in the U.S. I was really hoping that Padres Ownership would buy at least some of these items for the Padres Hall of Fame, but it doesn’t appear that they did.

You can look at all the items and the winning bids on the auction website. Gwynn’s Hall of Fame Induction Ring sold for $37,663. His belt buckles for $527. His first home run ball for $9,336, etc. In total the Gwynn family raised $227,854, with some of the proceeds going to their charity. His wife Alicia was very happy.

Alicia told SCP Auctions she was extremely pleased with the results and clearly Tony still resonates with fans and collectors. “I’m happy to share some of his personal sports memorabilia with true fans of the game,” she said. She plans to give some of the proceeds to the Gwynn foundation which champions youth.

If they’re happy, I guess I’m happy. Even though it’d be nice if these were put in a Padres museum.