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Aging Padres links for the New Year

MLB: Winter Meetings Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year! I’ve been sick and busy with the holidays like many of you. I had a list of things I was going to blog about but they’re bordering on stale now, so I’ll just bullet point them in case you missed the news for some of the same reasons that I did.

Gwyntelligence has their latest podcast up and they’re talking about the reasons for Mike Dee’s departure from his role as Padres CEO. They have a source who’s friends with owner Ron Fowler and involved in baseball who’s been spilling the details. They can only say so much legally but they talk more in-depth about the business related matters that might have led to the quick dismissal. It’s worth a listen, if you’re still curious.

The city of Poway is getting closer to completion of their Tony Gwynn statue that will have a home by Lake Poway near the baseball fields. The sculpting is done, but the bronze casting will take another 4 months. They wanted to show Gwynn as more of a family man since he made his home in Poway, so he’s holding his daughter in the sculpture. It looks okay, but something about it is a little distracting, like he’s realistic and his daughter is more cartoonish. Like most things, it will probably look better in bronze.

Trevor Hoffman has 72.3% of the public votes for the Hall of Fame. He needs 75% to get in. I was asking the guys if we plan on going to Cooperstown if Hoffman is elected. The only person that replied was Kev and he wanted to know if the Hall rounds up, if Hoffman finishes with 74.8%. I read the official rules but can’t figure that out. Maybe I’ll tweet the Hall.

Jed Hoyer and Josh Byrnes talked about the Anthony Rizzo trade with Vice Sports. While it’s interesting to hear it from their perspectives, it’s super depressing to revisit the worst trade in Padres history. The worst part is it didn’t make any sense at the time either. There was no reason to rush the Rizzo out of San Diego for a loose cannon like Andrew Cashner. And so what if Yonder Alonso was blocking him for a year? I just wonder if Rizzo put a curse on us, somebody should ask him.

John and Craig at Make the Padres Great Again are soooo excited about the Padres right now and stoked out of their minds on Andy Green. They talked about this Fan Graphs interview with him where he talks about managing analytically. I am so far in the other camp. Not that I have any problem with him managing analytically but I could not be less excited about the Padres’ future or Andy Green for that matter. Two things about him immediately turned me off. The media going wild for him at his first press conference and the fact that he brings motivational speakers to Spring Training. That’s it, it’s silly I know, but I can’t get over those two things somehow.

The Union-Tribune counted down their greatest San Diego sports moments ever and Steve Garvey’s home run took the number one spot as it should. I wonder if there will every be another San Diego sports moment that will eclipse it. I can’t imagine. What would it take?

Okay, that’s it for now. Go Padres!