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Padres New Year’s Resolutions

Kids, you have a couple of months until spring training, but that doesn’t mean that you get to Netflix & chill all winter. Here are suggestions to help you improve this year.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to 2017! With the new year, some of the Padres’ players might want to set goals to help them improve through the new year. Here are some suggestions!

Wil Myers: Find a road game hitting superstition. Whatever you’re doing at home worked to great success. Now you need to find something that works just as well on the road. Pack some Mission Beach sand in your left shoe. Eat some of that Tamarindo candy between innings. Whatever it is that you’re doing at home that’s working, take that show on the road.

Wil Myers, Part II: Go to at least a couple of the places on this list and partake in some of San Diego’s finest Mexican food. Learn what a proper carne asada burrito is, and what a fish taco is all about. If you’re going to represent our city, you need to understand that the best Mexican food in the nation is right here.

Ryan Schimpf: Don’t change a god damn thing. Pay no attention to the stat geeks who say that your 2016 performance wasn’t sustainable because of HR/FB% or any of that stuff. Keep on mashing.

Alex Dickerson: Use a first baseman’s mitt as a pillow. Eat your breakfast from a bowl cradled in it. Take it everywhere you go. If you can back Wil Myers up at first occasionally, you’ll get to stick around a while longer. We love the “hometown kid done good” story, but we really love watching you lace doubles in the gaps and the occasional Rogers Centre upper-decker. If you could find some of the magic that Brett Wallace found in 2015, even better.

Travis Jankowski: Don’t listen to the critics who say that you need to add power. The month that you hit best last year was the month that you put the ball on the ground the most. Watch vintage Ichiro pound the ball into the dirt in front of home plate and get base hit after base hit, with the occasional error mixed in there. Your speed puts pressure on the defense, and that helps everyone on your team. Speaking about your speed, stay aggressive on the basepaths. You’re learning from your TOOTBLANs, and I know that you will remain a menace out there with less mental slips this year. Oh, and don’t cut that hair. That must be arugula, because that’s some spicy salad.

Yangervis Solarte: You be you. Make plays, have fun, and keep the locker room atmosphere light. Just please don’t get called out for not hustling again.

Hunter Renfroe: Do this. Over and over. My goodness.

2017 will be a fun year. The lineup has speed and power. The defense has athleticism and talent. The pitching has... well, there will be pitchers. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to some exciting plays and some intriguing players coming in to their own this year. My resolution? Watch more Padres baseball!