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Trevor Hoffman is not a Hall of Famer but tweets like one

MLB: All Star Game Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Hoffman narrowly missed out on being the 4th player elected into the 2017 class of the Hall of Fame. He finished with 74.0% of the baseball writer votes. He needed only 5 more votes to become immortal. Being this close you’d think that he’d have to make it next year, if everything goes according to plan.

I, for one, place all the blame at the feet of the baseball writers that didn’t vote for him. I know that’s a pretty hot take but I think they deserve it. I’m sorry to lose my temper like this but it had to be said.

Trevor for his part was much more dignified when broaching the subject. In a series of unthreaded tweets he congratulated those that did get the call.

Then he addressed his own candidacy.

I really tried not to get my hopes up and I imagine that Trevor was in the same position. If he doesn’t get in next year, we get pitchforks and torches and we march on Cooperstown.