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Trevor Hoffman waits with us for Hall of Fame results

Trevor Hoffman #51

From the one source I checked, the Baseball Hall of Fame results will be televised on the MLB Network at 6 pm ET. That’s 3 pm for Trevor and me. Barry Bloom told us that last year Trevor Hoffman played a round of golf prior to waiting at home for a call that never came. This year he plans to wait without fanfare, just like us.

"I'm not going for the full media thing with cameras around," he said. "If I don't get in, it's like putting up plastic in the clubhouse [anticipating winning a championship] and not getting it done and having the clubbies have to rip it all down. It's going to be so close. I'm just going to lay low at the house and see what happens."

You and me both, Trev. What a great metaphor.

While we wait just remember this. Whether or not these writers vote Hoffman into the Hall of Fame, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Why because Tony Gwynn said so. That’s why. “There is no question that Trevor Hoffman is a Hall of Famer.” I’ll take Gwynn’s one opinion over 400 weirdo baseball writers any day.

Right now Ryan Thibodaux has Hoffman claiming 72.8% of the 238 public ballots. He needs 78.3% of the 148 remaining to get in. Trevor knows it’s going to be close.

"It's going to be a couple of percentage points either way," Hoffman told recently. "It's going to be a little nerve-racking, no doubt about it."

My fear is that if Hoffman doesn’t make it in this year, these baseball writers will be busy shaming each other about the importance of saves and the closer role and those that are voting for him will cave with all of their votes being made public next year. Why must Baseball writers have so many strong opinions about everything? I mean really, they’re the worst.

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Hoffman shouldn’t have to wait.