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Quiz: Hall of Famers who played for the Padres

Kent Horner/Getty Images

We've done this quiz here before, but that was a few years ago back before the eleventh guy made the list. That, and this morning seemed like the perfect time to rehash it since this year's Hall of Fame voting results will be announced this afternoon. It's going to be close, but I'm hoping beyond hope that today is the last day that Trevor Hoffman is not included as part of this quiz.

Along with each player's year of induction I have included how many years it took for them to get elected, along with the percentage of the vote they ultimately drew. You have two minutes to name as many of the 11 as you can, which comes out to over 10 seconds per answer. As always, only last names are needed.

Below the quiz is a poll in which to log your score. I'm expecting to see a lot of votes for "All of 'em".