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It's official: Padres sign Wil Myers to largest contract in club history

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In an anticipated move which indicates that the club is serious about its future, the Padres have signed the face of the franchise to a six-year contract with an option for a seventh. 2016 All-Star Wil Myers is guaranteed $83 million through 2022, with $20 million more coming to him in 2023 if the team sees fit. The two sides had been in agreement for a few days, but the details of anything of this magnitude always take a proverbial minute to work out; fortunately nobody got cold feet.

Dennis Lin had the breakdown of the cash coming Wil's way, because of course he did. *Lucille Bluth voice* He's very good.

It gets slightly more convoluted when taking into account that the signing bonus is spread out over the first three years of the deal. He'll receive $1 million of it this season, $5.5 million next year, and the other $8.5 million in 2019, all in addition to his salary. After that it will be three years at $20 million each, all considered straight salary.

In addition to that $83 million, which becomes $102 million if his option is picked up, Myers gets an extra cool million if he is traded. No matter what, whether he ends up with $83 million, $84 million, $102 million, or $103 million, this is the largest deal in team history in terms of total dollars, surpassing the $75 million over four years that James Shields signed for before the 2015 season. He's long gone, but San Diego is still paying $10 million each of the next two years for him to pitch for the White Sox. Let's hope this turns out better than that.