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Tony Gwynn memorabilia up for auction again

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Tony Gwynn

You may remember a few years ago the Gwynn family started selling off his personal belongings. Most of the stuff, while personal to Gwynn, probably wasn’t very important to him. It was chance for the family to basically do a garage sale while giving fans a chance to connect with Gwynn through the object and at the same time raise money for their charity.

Now according to Ryan Cracknell of Beckett Media the family is auctioning off 25 prized items, like his 3,000 hit ball, assorted rings, awards and uniforms.

The current bid for Gwynn’s 3,000 hit ball is $12,078 and his Hall of Fame ring is at $11,000. More affordable items of interest are various forms of identification (passports, driver’s license, etc.) for $585 and game worn uniforms from $531-$733.

Gwynn’s wife Alicia tells us the reasons the family is parting with these treasured relics.

“My husband was a man of honor and integrity who really wanted to make a difference in this world,” said Alicia Gwynn. “This serves two objectives: to share his baseball memorabilia with the fans who loved him and to give something back to the city that treated us so well.”

Personally, it really bums me out to see the family sell off these items. At very least I hope that the Padres organization can buy up the historically important Padres items for the relatively new Padres Hall of Fame. The museum desperately needs more artifacts. Right now the only item of interest is Garvey’s 1984 home run bat. The jerseys on display are replicas and the pictures are easily found on the internet. How great would it be if they had a real collection of Padres memorabilia? These Gwynn items would be an amazing start.