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Padres are disappointed that Chargers are leaving San Diego

Atlanta Braves v San Diego Padres Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Padres owners Chairman Ron Fowler and Managing Parter Peter Seidler issued a pretty passive statement after Dean Spanos decided to rip the Chargers away from San Diego to take them to Los Angeles.

This really would have been a good opportunity for the two to condemn the Chargers and Dean Spanos and recommit their team’s allegiance to the city, but instead their statement feels pretty pointless to this Padres fan. I’m not even sure of their reason for releasing the statement, except they’ve probably been fielding phone calls all morning and now they can refer to this statement and say they have no further comment. But they missed an opportunity to make a strong statement that their team would be a source of pride for San Diego and how much they value the fans.

I’m not much of a football fan but the Chargers were my team, like they are for most San Diegans. As little as I’ve followed them in recent years, it surprises me how much I’m pained by their departure, because they were part of the fabric of the city and a source of pride for many citizens. I feel terrible for the fans that were much more invested in the team than I was, because I can only imagine how that must feel. In a weird way, this lowers my enthusiasm for the Padres as well because I see how owners can so easily disregard their fans and cut the emotional ties that their team has with the city to satisfy their own business interests.

Talking to Jonny Dub, the biggest Chargers fan I know, last night he texted that in his grief he may stop following the Padres too, asking “What’s the point?”

Does the Chargers move affect your Padres fandom at all? I’m curious if the disappointed carried over like it did for us or if this made you more determined to throw all your fandom in with the Padres?