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Padres announce FanFest date

fanfest 2014

The Padres announced the date of their FanFest. Once again it will be held only a few days before Opening Day, defeating the purpose of reigniting our fandom before the start of Spring Training.

That’s too bad because I always looked forward to the February FanFest but the Padres have monster truck rallies and World Baseball Classic games to put on at their baseball ballpark, so they can’t be doing anything affiliated with the Padres team during that time period.

I can’t even remember if I went last year. I feel like I just waited for the home opener instead of braving the lines for unwanted autographs and overpriced garage sale items. I guess if I did go, it wasn’t that memorable. With the FanFest so close to the beginning of the season, I assume again that fans will not be able to do any activities on the field, which was always my favorite part anyway.

The Padres say that details are coming soon, so maybe they’ll cook up something that will differentiate this FanFest from the lackluster events of the last few years.