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Andrew Cashner and his beard will be package deal in Free Agency

St Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The Miami-Herald reports that the Marlins’ beard policy will disqualify them from any chance of re-signing the consistently struggling Andrew Cashner when he hits free agency after this season. As Fox Sports mentions, this will eliminate the Yankees too due to their own policy.

As for Cashner, he has been a disaster since joining Miami. Since the trade with San Diego, he's 0-4 with a 5.57 ERA and 55 base-runners allowed in 32 innings.

The Marlins probably wouldn’t be able to afford Cashner this winter even if they wanted him. And Cashner said any interest he would have in re-signing would hinge on the Marlins eliminating their no-facial hair policy.

Cashner said “I still hate” the Marlins’ no-beard rule and “that is a big deal to me in free agency.”

One of the nice things about the Padres is that they’ve always been really open to allowing even their worst players to express themselves with all manner of disgusting body hair. From Kevin Quackenbush’s cotton candy face to Travis Jankowski’s wiry mullet, all are welcome.