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Dick Enberg broadcasting his last home game

MLB: San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dick Enberg is finishing off his last home stand on his retirement tour that he departed on with the announcement last year. It’s been a long time coming. He’s known throughout sport for his 50 year career in broadcasting and his enshrinement in a number of Hall of Fames.

The criticism of Dick Enberg in San Diego has been that he broadcasts his home games like they are away games. In a day and age where broadcasters are more or less expected to be homers, he has stood steadfast in his old timey approach of remaining neutral or even showing more passion for the opponent than for the home team Padres. Over time fans have grown used to his style and have mellowed, seeming to accept him as one of their own. Either that or they have tired of fruitlessly yelling at their televisions.

Enberg for his part says he’ll still be involved in some capacity with the team going forward, but tonight after seven-ish long seasons Dick Enberg is set to retire from his daily broadcast duties on his home microphone.

As a result the Padres have pulled out all the stops while honoring him. The grounds crew added an “Oh My!” graphic to the outfield grass.

They gave him a surfboard which is the customary retirement gift in San Diego.

They even named the visiting team’s broadcast booth after him, which seems quite appropriate, considering his style.

This was all done at a ceremonial luncheon where Enberg attempted to put his life and career in perspective by taking on a somewhat poetic if not confusing tone.

If you’re going to Closing Day tonight you can try and be one of the few individuals that will get a Enberg bobblehead if you’re into that sort of thing.

Next year longtime color analyst Mark Grant will be partnered full time with Don Orsillo. Enberg’s last broadcast will be October 2nd.