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Quiz: Padres right fielders since Tony Gwynn

Kent Horner/Getty Images

When highly anticipated rookie Hunter Renfroe made his debut last night against the Diamondbacks, he became the seventy-fifth guy to play right field for the Padres since Tony Gwynn retired at the end of the 2001 season. How many of the 74 between them can you name?

I made this quiz a little over three years ago, but it was due for an update since 17 names have been added to the list. As with most quizzes here, you only need to enter the last name to be credited. There are ten minutes on the clock, and I have provided each player's uniform number(s) and the year(s) they played for the Padres. Note that they may not have appeared in right field every single year in the range; that's just their full tenure with he club.

Once you're done, log your results in the poll below, and be sure to use the spoiler bar feature over names in comments.