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Quiz: Padres with 20 HR and 20 SB in the same season

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This season Wil Myers has joined select company by becoming only the ninth player in Padres history to record 20 or more home runs and steals in the same season. How many of the other eight can you name?

When putting this quiz together, I opted not to provide the year(s) each player did the deed, as I thought that might make the answers too obvious. I did list the primary position each guy played, as well as placing them in chronological order, from first to most recent. That will be helpful to give you a year range to focus on after you've filled in the ones you know automatically, but still makes it more challenging than giving you the season(s) outright.

When you're done, log your score in the poll below, and feel welcomed to discuss the ones you got, the ones you missed, and the ones you thought would be there but weren't. Just be sure to use the spoiler bar feature over names in your comments, out of respect for those who haven't taken the quiz yet.

I put two minutes on the clock, which gives you ample time to type in your free answer and the other eight. Good luck!