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SD 7, COL 8: Rockies raise hail against Pads in 9th

That ninth inning comeback tactic bites the Friars in the rear.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It's a lot better when your team isn't on the receiving end of a 9th inning rally. Tonight, the Padres were. After a short hail sesh just moments before the final inning, the Friars blew their 2-run lead and conceded the victory to the Rockies.

Christian Friedrich has been seriously lacking in the quality start department. His start today was no exception. He allowed 4 runs off of 6 hits in 5 innings. He managed to strike out 5, but walked two. His big hiccup was in the second inning when he allowed Tyler Chatwood to single in a run and DJ LeMahieu to double with bases loaded.

His failure pales in comparison to Brandon Maurer's blown save in the 9th. After the Padres padded on a solid lead from Wil Myers' 25th home run (joining the 25-25 club), two RBI from Alex Dickerson and one from Luis Sardinas, an RBI-single from Jon Jay, and a home run from Sardinas, Maurer still managed to blow it.

Single and a run to Carlos Gonzalez, single and a run to Nick Hundley, single and a run to Daniel Descalso with 2 outs. Our first loss after leading past the 8th inning in over 2 years. Hang that on your wall, Maurer.

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