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SD 4, SF 0: Friars spoil the Giants' night

Y'know, with that class Paul Clemens shutout strategy.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The spoiler opportunities are back again, this time with the San Diego Padres up in San Francisco to face off against the Giants. Today, with the Giants playing the way they have been lately, taking the win was a very obtainable prospect. The Friars did end up winning, and it was because of their ability to completely stump the Giants lineup.

Paul Clemens, who hasn't been known to have very many good starts, absolutely dominated the Giants offense today. In five innings he only allowed 3 hits, only struck out two batters, and gave up 0 runs. He relied on his defense putting out 11 of his outs, and left his start at 74 pitches.

Andy Green went into the bullpen and used Brandon Morrow, Jose Dominguez, Brad Hand, Ryan Buchter, and Brandon Maurer to finish the job. Morrow, Buchter, and Maurer all threw an inning a piece and the entire bullpen only allowed 2 hits for the rest of the night.

Offensively for the Pads, it was a whole lotta Yangervis Solarte with a dash of Hector Sanchez. Yangervis popped off an RBI-single in the 4th inning against Samardzija, and then came back around the 5th inning to sneak in another run with a groundout. Sanchez, however, went a bit more for the theatrics and lifted a 2-run home run to right field.

In nine hits the Padres sliced up the Giants and served 'em to the seagulls, earning that elusive win number 60.

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