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SD 6, ATL 9: Braves thoroughly sweep the Padres

Let's just call that whole series a wash.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The beginning of a new month didn't start on a happy note. Although this loss wasn't a blowout, it represented a full sweep from one of the only teams with a considerably worse record than the Padres. It was the result of some overtly bad pitching, and an amount of run support nobody should expect.

Jarred Cosart had a very poor start, and earned his second pitchers loss for the season. He barely lasted 4 innings giving up 7 whole runs out of five hits. He walked three, and struck out one batter: Mike Foltynewicz in 4 pitches in the third inning. The third inning, however, is when he allowed a torrential downpour of runs. A homer, a walked in run, and 3 RBI singles. Carlos Villanueva would give up one run in the 8th.

The Padres actually scored quite a bit this time around. Hector Sanchez hit a solo shot that just seemed to keep going, bouncing off the top of the right-center field wall and into the second row of seats. He also launched his bat into the stands as a souvenier for a Padres fan:

Wil Myers finally hit another home run, though the momentum died down quite a bit for Wil, this was his 24th HR of the season now. He pulled one just down the third base line after golf-swinging it. Down 3-9 in the 9th, the Friars tried to get a rally going. Yangervis Solarte hit an RBI double, Alex Dickerson had an RBI triple, and Ryan Schimpf brough home the 3rd run of the inning with a sac fly.

With no outs and San Diego only down by three, Oswaldo Arcia grounded out, Hector Sanchez singled, then Alexei Ramirez promptly grounded into a double play. Game over, sad sweep complete.

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