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Paul Clemens And The No Good, Very Odd Game

Paul Clemens had himself in his start against the Phillies.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Clemens had himself an odd game in last night's showing against the Phillies.

First, the bad. Paul gave up a home run to Ryan Howard in the second inning. The home run was the 4th given up by Clemens in 14 total innings of work, and the 6th run charged to him that came from a home run. Clemens would allow more runs that weren't dingers, but that wasn't the most interesting part of Paul's night. Now for the strange:

Before the start of the 4th inning, Clemens was told by head umpire Mike Everitt that he would have to change his jersey. The reason? Apparently Clemens had gotten too much pine tar on his jersey from preparing for an at-bat in the bottom of the 3rd frame.

Andy Green on Clemens' jersey:

Before he went up to hit, he put more pine tar on his bat than a lot of guys use in a year, and managed to get that all over his uniform.

Clemens went out in the top of the 4th inning with a generic "Player 91" jersey. Insert your own video game joke here. The Create-a-Player would pitch the inning much to the bemusement of everyone watching, as it wasn't readily apparent why Clemens had to change his jersey.

Jon Edwards had his own bit of fun in the dugout and joined the game as your kid brother's favorite video game character:

Clemens would switch to his regular jersey in time for his plate appearance in the 4th inning. Here's what happened next:

Clemens was set up for a bunt attempt and got jammed inside. The frustration of a bad bunt got the better of Paul, leading him to slam his stick to the turf. The gesture slowed his trot to first enough for the Phillies to turn a 1-6-4 double play. Andy Green took umbrage with Clemens' lack of awareness and decided to unplug Paul Player, inserting Buddy Baumann as soon as he warmed up in the 5th inning.

Green on Clemens' at-bat:

To me, throwing a bat, not running to first base after a's not going to happen.

Paul Clemens (Player) did not have his best showing in this game, though the Padres would go on to win 9-7. I wonder where I can get my own Player jersey...