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Padres Ownership Commits To The Future

The Padres busted out Powerpoint to reinforce their commitment to the current and future state of the team during a Town Hall meeting held for members.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

After today’s shellacking of the Brewers, the San Diego Padres busted out some Powerpoint slides to explain their current and future state of affairs to attendees of the Members-only Town Hall Meeting. While many of you who fervently follow the Friars understand the machinations of one A.J. Preller, one can assume the presentations were meant to reinforce the direction of ownership to the assembled at the Town Hall meeting.

While I'm not a season-ticket holder and did not attend the meeting, I thought it fun to take a look at these from a different perspective.

The first part to solving a problem is recognizing there was a problem and then throwing some shade on it. That's how it goes, right? In any case, the Padres need to be commended to some degree for recognizing what went wrong with past regimes. While not all is perfect in Petco Park this year, most of us do see some strides being made in regards to the on-field product in the future, and that started with...

A.J. Preller doing his thing and making the paper fly during the draft and internationally. As you can see, emphasis was made on the drafts and international work A.J. has overseen so far. There's more than a fair amount of names on that board. While we know the Padres may not hit the lottery at all with any of these players, it helps that Preller has bought plenty of lotto tickets.

The ownership displayed its commitment in the following slides regarding all the action that occurred this year and in the coming years. Let's take a look at each slide.


Personally, the "walking the walk" metaphor is a bit awkward for my taste, but I can see what they mean. Cliches aside, it's clear there is a change in how the Padres are doing business on the baseball side of things. Many of us believe there is a bright future to look forward to with the $100 million dollars spent on talent and acquisitions.


I think this slide is missing a bit; I think it should ask for more time, since the talent we acquired won't bear fruit for another three years at the very least. Some will contend the Padres already had time, but it does remain to be seen what will become of this group A.J. has drafted and what they will become for the Padres in the future.


I like how Hunter Renfroe is featured here. This slide shows that the Padres are going younger with their players and want to build from the ground up and have players promote to play rather than signed from other teams, almost the same as the other teams name-dropped on this slide. What about when we need that veteran arm in the rotation to complete a playoff push? That'll be a nice problem to have when it happens.


Puncher's chance - boxing term that refers to being outclassed by an opponent, but being able to win with one well-placed punch. Even as an optimistic Padre fan on the whole, I don't fully expect we'll even come within earshot of the NL West. I'm also curious as to what aggressive baseball looks like. Less bunts? More chances being taken on the basepaths? With some wheels in Travis Jankowski and Wil Myers, I can get behind watching some exciting steals. We've already seen our fair share this season.

It looks like ownership is owning up to the past and is making some significant steps toward the future. What do you think of what the Padres presented?