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SD 3, ATL 7: Braves beat up the Padres

Edwin Jackson was just not looking good during, or afterwards.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The pitching did a 180 today, but there were still a few defensive highlights to be had. The hitting got a few runs off Atlanta's starter Julio Teheran, and even one late run against Ian Krol. But the Padres pitching made sure that didn't count for much.

Getting Jackson's start out of the way, he threw a good first, good second, and horrible third inning, where he gave up all 5 of his earned runs. 4 RBI singles and a sac fly. Carlos Villanueva's relief effort wasn't much to write home about, giving up 2 runs in 2 innings off 2 hits, and recording the only 2 Braves strikeouts of the game.

Here are the highlights:

Video: Oswaldo Arcia smashed an arcing 2-run home run

This put the Padres up on the board in the 4th inning, and was Arcia's 7th home run of the season. He scored Yangervis Solarte, who had reached safely on a lead off triple.

Video: Arcia makes a sliding catch to save some runs

In the bottom of the seventh Dansby Swanson shoved an oppo blooper in front of Arcia. He made a slick slide and scooped the ball, saving some runs.

More double plays: Schimpf Hessler Friedrich

After a club record 6 double plays yesterday, the Padres used 3 more to try to stop the runs from piling up any more. A quick shot back to Hessler, a smooth routine DP from Schimpf, and a quick turn from Friedrich.

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