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TFHS Closer Look: 9/11 Memorial Cap

Here’s a closer look at the 9/11 Memorial cap being worn this year.

San Diego Padres 9/11 Memorial Cap 2016
San Diego Padres 9/11 Memorial Cap 2016
SD Hat Guy

I wish this cap didn’t exist.

It is an unfortunate reality that the events of 9/11 occurred 15 years ago and there is a memorial cap worn by everyone in the MLB to recognize the event. The cap itself is simple and has been since it was first worn: it’s an on-field cap with an American flag added to the wearer’s left side (cap right). The flag itself has varied in design over the years, with the patch being an embroidered flag up until last year where it was converted to the more common Chroma design used for most on-field patches.

There is a marked difference in the Padres cap being worn this year, which is notable enough for me to write about for you:

Padres 9/11 Memorial Cap 2016

Here’s the 9/11 Memorial cap being worn this year by our Padres. As you can see, the American flag Chroma patch has replaced the All-Star Game patch that adorned our Padres home cap all season.

The Chroma flag patch is the exact same as the one used last year. Though it’s hard to tell in this photo (or in any photos I’ve attempted to take, really), the flag is waving.

The MLB Batterman logo is the same colorway as per usual.

And of course, the underbrim is the standard black on-field color.

Even though I wish this cap didn’t exist, I appreciate it for its simple design. I have more than my fair share of American-flavored Padres caps and sometimes simple works best as seen in this example. It’s also interesting to see the ASG patch displaced for something different.

The Padres will play at home against Colorado on Sunday, September 11th.