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3... 2... 1... BLASHTOFF!!

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s Padres-Brewers game, we finally saw something that we’ve waited for since spring training. Jabari Blash launched his first career home run over the rightfield fence!

Jabari Blash’s first career home run

It appeared for a moment that he forgot that he wasn’t in El Paso any more. After contact, he hesitated for a moment as if it were a sure thing, then started running. The ball bounced off the padding on the top of the wall, so it wasn’t a no doubt’er. All that matters is that it cleared the fence. Upon arrival to the Padres dugout, he got a dose of the traditional silent treatment.

The media crew was obviously ready for this, as the animation below was shown on the big screen and immediately put up on Twitter:

Congratulations, Jabari, on your first #BLASHTOFF! Hopefully this dinger breaks the seal and brings a surge of power through rest of the season.