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SD 1, MIA 0: Clayton Richard and Ryan Schimpf team up for the win

Pure defense determined the outcome of this one.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes all it takes is one. After last night's implosion, sometimes it take 4. But today it took one run from the Padres and one solid performance on the mound (followed by three performances that weren't garbage fires.) The Marlins couldn't figure out the puzzle and the Padres capitalized.

Clayton Richard killed it out there, and it showed in the box score. For a guy who allowed 8 hits over 7 innings, not a single run was allowed. Richard struck out 3, walked 1, and credited 13 of hits outs to 9 groundouts and 4 flyouts respectively. Jose Dominguez, Brad Hand, and Kevin Quackenbush provided competent backup this time. No runs, one hit - how it should be done.

The lone run of the game from the Padres came from Ryan Schimpf. If you haven't guessed, it was a home run. Not surprising at the least, since it's his 16th home run this season already. The rookie is tearing it up, and he went 2-3 with a walk tonight.

The Friars get a shot to take the series tomorrow, first thing in the morning.

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