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It's official: Padres officials make DFA of Hector Olivera officially official

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that was already official in every sense but the most literal, the Padres have indeed designated Hector Olivera for assignment. Olivera and his excessive contract were acquired on Saturday as a compromise for the Braves taking Matt Kemp and his. Before fans could raise too much of a stink about the team bringing aboard a guy who was under suspension for domestic violence, the Padres "leaked" that he would be DFA, and "accidentally" "slipped" and announced it in a press release that day before "catching their mistake" and editing it. The reason for all that was that they couldn't make it official until today, when Olivera's suspension concluded. Personally I give the team props for getting out in front of it and immediately putting concerns to rest.

In addition to apparently being an unsavory human being, Olivera was quite a letdown on the field. To quote George Bluth, he was "a real turd out there". Acquired by the Braves from the Dodgers exactly one year before Atlanta shipped him out, Olivera appeared in 30 major league games, batting .245/ .296/ .378 with five doubles, a triple, and a pair of homers to go with six walks and 17 strikeouts in 108 trips to the plate in 2015 and '16. More recently he hit .114/ .135/ .143 in the small sample size of 37 plate appearances during his nine-game rehab assignment with AAA Gwinnett.

The Padres are on the hook for $28,500,000 remaining on Olivera's contract, with the Dodgers still responsible for about $25,000,000. Of course San Diego could still get out of paying their entire share if another team claimed Olivera and worked out a deal, but that doesn't seem all too likely.