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SD 0, TB 2: Padres end the road trip with a dud

A boring finale to a not-so-great series.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it can't get much lower than getting swept by the Rays. Especially when you're outscored 25-3. But this could very well be the tone for the remainder of the season. Today could have been a good finale, the pitching wasn't awful. But the Friars couldn't break the funk.

Christian Friedrich, who isn't known for his quality starts as of late, had a start that wasn't half bad. He went just over 6 innings, only gave up 2 runs on 6 hits (one HR) all in the first inning, and struck out 5. Really solid come to think of it when you have Jose Dominguez and Brad Hand shutting out the Rays for the remainder of the game.

Friedrich strikes out five over 6 2/3 innings

The Padres couldn't get over that one inning, though. Travis Jankowski, Alex Dickerson, Alexei Ramirez, and Nick Noonan were the only Padres with a hit. In total, there were ten potential runs left on base. The lineup walked once, struck out ten times. The only pearl of the game was Ryan Schimpf's sweet catch in left:

That about wraps it up for the San Diego highlight reel though. The Padres won't get a day off tomorrow as they head home from the south east to the south west. They'll attempt to keep the Diamondbacks from getting any ideas and leaving the NL West basement.
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