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SD 8, NYM 6: Schimpf slammies the Mets

The home runs are back!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Padres hit a home run like every single game? Those were some fun times. There was a bit of nostalgia today in the lineup. The starting pitching wasn't all that great, but it didn't matter, because home runs win games.

Paul Clemens had an okay start. It was full of 5's and 3's. He gave up 5 hits in 5 innings. He walked 3, struck out 3, and gave up 3 runs - one of them a home run. Buddy Baumann came in to "relieve" Clemens. He did that by giving up a single, hitting Alejandro De Aza, giving up an RBI-double, RBI-single, and then got swapped out with Brad Hand before he could do any more damage. He earned all of those 3 runs.

Sure, the Mets scored plenty, but the Padres scored more. In the very first inning, with one out, Ryan Schimpf popped a home run into center field. Not just any home run - a damn grand slam. With the bases cleared Jabari Blash hit a solo home run. By the end of the first the Padres were already up 5-0.

To settle the score Schimpf returned in the third inning and hit a 2-run home run, matching the Mets with RBI for the game. Then, Christian Bethancourt popped off a home run too, his 6th of the season.

PADRES RULE METS DROOL. Win number fifty for the boys.

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