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SD 0, PIT 4: Padres can't pull out a series win

No hitting means no winning.

Joe Sargent/Getty Images

It wasn't the worst loss in the world. But it wasn't really all that fun to watch. A 4-0 shutout after yesterdays rad win was what the Padres produced today, or rather this morning. Way too early for baseball if you ask me. That's probably why they lost.

Christian Friedrich had one of his bad starts. He gave up 9 hits in his 6 innings and 4 runs were earned. The four runs were all it took. Friedrich's pitch count tipped at 91 before Carlos Villanueva and Leonel Campos swooped in to cauterize the wound.

The Padres on offense brought 4 hits to the table. 5 strikeouts and 11 left on base. Not good, not enough for a close game, not enough for a win.

Padres get the Mets tomorrow! Let's score some runs in Joisey.

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