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Padres OF Travis Jankowski steals home again

Ho hum.

San Diego Padres v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Padres beat the Pirates tonight to even up the series in Pittsburgh. It was a fun game. The kind of game we have to savor as they happen (unless you’re one of those people who believes no fun should be had by anyone if the Padres aren’t contending).

There were a lot of highlights in tonight’s game, the second of a three-game series in Pittsburgh. Pitching was on point and the offense was doing their thing. But the best moment, for me, was during the top of the eighth. The ever-exciting rookie, Travis Jankowski, showed off his speed once again and stole home to extend the Padres’ lead to 4-0. No one saw it coming, though with Travis Jankowski on the basepaths we should probably just always assume from now on. But here we were, caught off guard as the 24-year-old stole his 25th base of the season, and did it in stand-up fashion.

It was Jankowski’s second straight steal of home this year (and this month). It was the Padres’ fourth time accomplishing the feat in 2016. At the end of July, Wil Myers also stole home, and before him it was former Friar Melvin Upton, Jr. with a steal of home.

It’s moments like these that keep Padres fans watching even when the standings aren’t so pretty to look at. Jankowski and co. are the future of this team, and hopefully we have plenty of years of this to look forward to.

And the next time Jankowski’s on base, hopefully the cameramen will be better prepared.