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Derek Norris day-to-day with right quad contusion after Chase Utley's dirty play

Utley's at it again.

Harry How/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Derek Norris missed some playing time with an injury to his elbow, and now he is injured yet again. Last night during the Padres' game in Los Angeles, Norris collided on the basepath with Dodgers second baseman and noted dirty player, Chase Utley.

In the first inning, with the bases loaded for San Diego, and Norris on first, Alexei Ramirez grounded into a fielder's choice. As Norris ran to second, he "ran into" Utley and both players fell. Norris was called out on the fielder's choice, but Padres manager Andy Green and fans did not agree with the call.

Here's why:

Green spoke about the incident after the game:

I think when the ball goes past the baserunner and the fielder catches the ball behind the baserunner and then essentially hip-checks my guy, he's no longer in the process of fielding the baseball," Green said. "He's in the process of creating a collision. That rule exists so the fielder doesn't get blindsided, not so the fielder can blindside a baserunner.

Norris stayed in the game for a while last night, but left in the fourth inning. He is listed as day-to-day, for now, but knowing this team and this season, that could change very soon. Fans are already calling for the hot-hitting Austin Hedges to be brought up from Triple-A El Paso. Hedges, whose defense as a catcher already far surpasses that of Norris, has been absolutely tearing it up offensively this season. And Norris is a good trade piece for the Padres, though hopefully this current setback won't hurt his value too much.

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