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SD 6, LAD 10: The Dodgers punch back

A night of homers goes the wrong way for the Padres.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Cashner has pooped the bed in almost every way imaginable this season. He's had his fair share of poor starts, and tonight was one of his worst. That didn't stop the Padres from doing what they've been doing: scoring. But it's hard to compete with a team that is allowed to easily tee off against your starter.

Cashner couldn't make it through three full innings tonight. The poor guy. By the third inning, Cashner had effectively given the Dodgers almost all of their runs. He gave up 4 home runs, 3 walks, only struck out 2, and allowed 8 runs to cross the plate all on his own accord.

Paul Clemens and Jose Dominguez both gave up a run, but they were inconsequential. The Friars were still hitting hot, but Cashner was ice cold. Cash and Dominguez let Yasmani Grandal, local dirty whiny cheater, hit three home runs tonight.

The San Diego crew that was trying to keep things in the recent spirit of victory were Melvin Upton Jr., who went 4-5 with 3 RBI's tonight, Wil Myers who went 2-4, and both Alexei Ramirez and Alex Dickerson who went 2-5. Melvin homered twice even.

A tough lump but nothing the Padres can't roll over and fix tomorrow. The good news is that Cashner will not be pitching for the rest of the series. The bad news is that Derek Norris had to leave the game because Chase Utley is a piece of garbage and slammed into Norris while fielding a grounder across the 1st-to-2nd basepath. Side note being that Utley's collision was actually legal for once.

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