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Padres 8, Diamondbacks 4: Friars win for America

An 8-4 win starts the road trip on a positive note.

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

All things were right in the United States today. Good food, fireworks, and a Padres win. A decent outing from Luis Perdomo and a desert-hot offense resulted in a 4th of July win.

Perdomo kept things under control for six innings. He gave up 9 hits, but the Diamondbacks only got 3 runs out of it, 2 of them earned off of Luis. He struck out 5, though, and didn't walk a soul. He relied mostly on the groundout game, eliminating 12 D-Backs with groundouts.

The bullpen kept things tight. Out of the group of relievers, Paul Clemens was the only Friar to give up a run. Brad Hand and Jose Dominguez both locked it down, and Brandon Maurer did his job as a closer in a non-dramatic way. 4 runs was all Arizona got out of the boys on the mound, and the Padres bats inflicted a ton of damage.

Derek Norris popped off today, slamming his 11th home run and his 13th double of the season. Yangervis Solarte hit his 6th home run, and Matt Kemp hit his 19th double today. The sum of these hits resulted in 6 runs, which was a go-ahead for a victory. Ryan Schimpf hit an RBI-double, too. His 5th already. And Alexei Ramirez capped off the runs with an RBI-single.

So the Padres are that much closer to jumping over the Diamondbacks in the standings. Christian Friedrich gets the chance to do that tomorrow.

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