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TFHS Closer Look: 2016 All-Star Game Cap

Check out what all the All-Stars will be wearing during the game in San Diego this year!


The real question is this: which Padre will be wearing this cap in the All-Star Game?

Wil Myers is the best bet. We may even get Drew Pomeranz in, if we're lucky.

The All-Star game cap in its current host-team focused iteration has been around since 2014. Before the specialty theme ASG cap, teams just wore their home cap with a corresponding cap patch. The Twins started it off with a Diamond-Era split-panel cap reminiscent of their batting helmets done up in every team's colorway. The next year saw a faux pillbox front design in Cincinnati that didn't work for every team (cream with white? How gauche).

This year's design have gone from team-specific to generic design. While the Home Run Derby Cap is decidedly Padres, see if you can find a Padres theme in this cap.


Navy crown
Heather gray brim and squatcho
Navy interlocking SD with gold trim detail
Gold star metallic eyelets

...yeah, not much of a Padres theme here. Once again, fellow collector and photography buff Padres No Hitter has provided the cap and pictures you see here. Each team got their own version of this cap with their corresponding main colorway. The Padres get navy, of course. Imagine how sweet this cap would have looked in brown? Yeah, I know. Maybe next year.

As I suspected, this cap is a carbon copy of the 2016 NFL Draft cap sans garish underbrim and an eyelet swap. The brims are made of Spandex, which is the first time I've seen the material implemented in a cap. The material lends a soft feel to the brim. It does not flatter your head as it would in other applications, however...but that's another article for another time.


Here's a closer look at the star eyelet. I know it's a star eyelet because of the All-Star Game, but I'd like to propose a better design theme: the eyelets are stars because of Jerry Coleman. Hang a star on the All-Star Game making it back to San Diego, Colonel. I'm sure no one in MLB thought about that concept, so they can't have it.


Here's a better look at the Chroma All-Star Game patch. The brown one turned out better, I think.


As with the 2014 version, the MLB Batterman logo is flanked by two stars. The yellow used to celebrate the Padres hosting the All-Star Game all season only finds use as the second color of the Batterman logo here. Last year's ASG cap lacked a Batterman logo completely.


The underbrim of this cap is gray, just the same as every other special event cap so far this year. The gray melds well with the heather gray on the upper brim.

Let's see if any of our Padres will get the opportunity to sport this cap in a week's time at Petco Park.