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Padres complete trade of Matt Kemp to Braves for Hector Olivera, who is suspended for domestic violence

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that moved quickly through the rumor stage, the Padres have indeed traded Matt Kemp to the Braves. While most of us have been patiently awaiting the day that Kemp would be moved to clear room for the Padres' promising outfield prospect, the deal does come with one huge catch: The player San Diego is receiving in return is Hector Olivera.

It wouldn't be that bad if Olivera was just a woefully underperforming player with a terrible contract; after all, taking on another bad deal was one of the few ways to get Kemp out of town. The real problem is that Olivera is currently under suspension for allegedly committing domestic violence against a woman back in April. I use the word "allegedly" there since he has not been convicted, but we all know that only a microscopic percent of men who commit these crimes are convicted despite mountains of evidence against them, due to various means of silencing victims after the fact even when charges are filed. Charges were filed against Olivera, but he has yet to be convicted. However, the circumstances were severe enough for Major League Baseball to hand down their longest suspension yet under their new domestic violence policy: 82 games.

Olivera has stats, and they're bad, but I'm not going to bother reciting them here. Word has it that the Padres might designate him for assignment immediately upon receiving him, which would be the only acceptable action in my eyes. To date he has not publicly shown any form of contrition, although that is generally nothing more than a handful of empty words used to manipulate. In a vacuum, as just a trade of albatross salaries, this is sensible move. But that not being the case, I am concerned.