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SD 8, TOR 4: Home runs, broken records, and a win

The Padres end their road trip on a very good note.

Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

It might not have been the prettiest road trip, but along with today's win, it sure was eventful. A ton of home runs were hit, enough to break both franchise and league records, and another friend was traded away. The win today came from a shaky start followed by a tight bullpen, a few Friar bloops, and a ton of blasts.

Luis Perdomo wasn't totally keyed in today. He threw 5 innings and change, giving up 6 hits and 4 earned runs. He also struck out 4 and walked 2. He struck out Josh Donaldson with some 94 MPH two-seam heat that had some good movement working up into the knuckles. Donaldson gave a pathetic swing, and the last good moment of Perdomo's day was had.

A walk, single from Toronto's Melvin Upton Jr., and then two consequential RBI brought in Brad Hand. Hand went scoreless, then Jose Dominguez, then Brandon Maurer. Flawless relief work with a walk and 4 strikeouts collectively. Speaking of former Padres and bullpens, Joaquin Benoit notched his very first strikeout as a Blue Jay against the Friars. Good for him. We still won, though.

That's because the offense was on fire today. Adam Rosales extended the lovely San Diego home run streak in the top of the 3rd, so the tension was relieved early on. Regardless, Christian Bethancourt knocked an RBI-double, doubling the score to 4-0. Brett Wallace joined the HR party and solo'd R.A. Dickey. Bethancourt hit another RBI-double, Wallace hit an RBI-single, and then Alex Dickerson set a Padres rookie record.

The Padres will be back home on the 29th, and continue their run towards glorious home run history.

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