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SD 5. STL 6: Quality Cashner start melts away in the 9th

In what MIGHT be Andrew Cashner's last start as a Padre, the boys from San Diego blow a lead and are swept after a 5-6 loss.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

After tearing out of the All Star break gates with a sweep against the San Francisco Giants, the Padres have now been swept in four games against the St. Louis Cardinals. They've done it nearly full-staffed, and even had a great start from an other-wise shaky Andrew Cashner tonight. Despite it all, they've slid 4 games in a step backwards as far as standings are concerned.

But hey, the home run streak stays alive.

Cashner lasted 5 and two-thirds of an inning on his own. He struck out a high 8 Cardinals, issued no walks, only allowed 3 hits and 1 earned run. A textbook quality start. It was his bullpen, primarily Ryan Buchter, who had a complete meltdown and allowed the Cardinals to pinch the gap of a 4-run lead. Carlos Villanueva would then give up the walk-off for the L.

The bats were popping today, though. Alexei Ramirez and Travis Jankowski bot had an RBI in the fifth.The seventh inning rolled around and Ramirez and Alex Dickerson piled on another 2 runs, and then Yangervis Solarte hit his 10th home run of the season to keep the San Diego HR streak going. 19 is the new number now.

All in all a run-of-the-mill disjointed effort from the Friars in St. Louis. No heroics and basic baseball that is outplayed by slightly better basic baseball. It's a shame for all the crap Cashner gets for his less-than-great starts this season, when he does put on a great show he gets this as a reward.

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