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National League Hitting Award to be named after Mr. Padre

Tony Gwynn's name and iconic swing will now be immortalized on the prize for the best hitter in the National League.

In the midst of the pregame ceremonies held before the All-Star Game kicked off was a special announcement made by our own Dick Enberg.

Dick started off by announcing two new titles for the American and National Leagues. After a small introduction by Enberg, fans were directed to watch the video board. Highlights of Rod Carew, the legendary hitter of Twins and Angels fame, played. Rod Carew himself was then introduced to a healthy cheer from the crowd and the American League batting title was then renamed as the Rod Carew American League Batting Championship Award.

Many of us knew who would represent the National League. Even still, the surprise was well worth it. "San Diego, I think you're gonna like this one!" Enberg announced loudly to a cheering San Diego crowd. They cheered even louder when the highlights of a local legend played on the big screen.

See the special moment for yourself:

National League batting title renamed after Tony Gwynn

Tony's family was on-hand for the special event. There weren't many dry eyes in the house after the announcement. Even Commissioner Manfred had to wipe a few tears away as chants of Tony rang throughout the stadium.

Here are the two new hitting title trophies.

That's a magnificent sight. The video of Tony's highlight's ends with "Tony Gwynn, the prodigal son of San Diego, and one of the greatest hitters there ever was." There's no better representative for a batting title other than our own Tony Gwynn.

There are now two titles named after Padres greats: the Tony Gwynn National League Batting Champion Award and the Trevor Hoffman NL Reliever of the Year Award. While we don't have any titles to our team's credit, at least we have two tremendous figures who now have awards named after them.