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2016 MLB All-Star Game Thread

MLB: All Star Game Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The day is finally here. The last week of festivities have been nothing short of wonderful, but all of that hype and build-up was just leading to today’s All-Star Game. It would be hard to find someone to disagree with the opinion that San Diego was an incredible host for this Midsummer Classic, and that, well, it’s an incredible host for plenty of events. It took 24 years for the Game to return to this beautiful city, but I think we’ve made it worth the wait.

But, on to this evening’s event. Our boy Wil Myers - first-time All-Star - will be starting tonight, playing the role of designated hitter for the National Team. Drew Pomeranz will hopefully get some time on the mound as well, and it’s a good bet that we’ll also see our old friend Fernando Rodney tonight, and sporting the San Diego on his tilted cap no less.