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Padres open their Hall of Fame

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The ceremony for the opening of the Padres Hall of Fame presented by Sony took place today at noon.  President and CEO Mike Dee was the master of ceremonies, which is never a good start to any ceremony.  After nearly five minutes of name dropping and mentioning of sponsors he finally got around to introducing the actual Hall of Famers.

Randy Jones, Dave Winfield, Garry Templeton were in attendance.  Alicia Gwynn and Claudia Williams (daughter of Ted) were also there.  Nate Colbert has been fighting illness recently and couldn't be there.

Dee says are three phases to the Hall of Fame.  If I understood correctly, there's the pre-Padres era from 1871-1935.  Then there's the Minor League  Padres from 1936-1968.  Finally the Major League team from 1969 to present.  He described the main sponsor's area called the Sony submersive 4k video experience, which I didn't fully comprehend.  I'll check it out later.

Dee then introduced Randy Jones teasing him about their height discrepancy.  Randy said some nice words about how he really enjoys being part of Padres history and interacting with the fans.  He's so likable. Dave Winfield was up next and did what he does, talked about himself.

Dee then comes back and talks about how expensive the project was.  He also says that since it's free during game hours (which are not by any stretch free) there's no return on investment.  See how Dee's mind works?  Concluding that the only possible reason to do it was for the love of Padres history.  Imagine, doing something because of love and not money.

Owner Peter Seidler takes the mic next and says how much he loves the Padres.  He says that leadership is doing everything it can to bring a championship to our town.  Same rhetoric we've been hearing for decades.

As Randy Jones cuts the ribbon, Dee shouts out the sponsor again as a reminder to all of us and go out and buy Sony televisions.

Here's some pictures from the ceremony:

Notice the Padres screwed up Tony Gwynn's career batting average.  Oof.

Here's the video of the ceremony: