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We enjoyed a day at the ballpark, but maybe not as much as Snoop

Atlanta Braves v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Jonny Dub, Kev and I decided we'd go to the ol' ball yard today. It was my third game of the season, pushing me into the coveted #SuperFan status. We arrived shortly after the game started and waltzed right in with little fanfare.

Since it was already approaching one o'clock we made a beeline to Phil's BBQ and wolfed down some ribs and pulled pork. Then we headed up the escalators to our favorite lookout spot by Padres organist Bobby Cressey. We caught up, introduced him to Kev and talked of how today was the day we'd meet new San Diegan, Gaslamp Baller TTG.

There we nervously waited with high expectations. Then, like apparitions, Friar Fever and TTG appeared behind us. Gaslamp Ballers are shy, quiet, gentle folk for the most part, so we shook hands and made acquaintances respectfully. TTG then decided to break the ice by suggesting he try a Jalapeno Handshake. I told him that the condiment cart before us was actually the place where I first created this ballpark delicacy. That information was all he needed. TTG was all we had hoped for.

Then Wil Myers hit the first of his two homeruns and pulled our collective attention away, but we soon found our way back. After a few more innings Jon, Kev and I found our way to our seats in the Toyota Terrace near the Western Metal Supply building.

It was Padres Wayback Wednesday, which meant the Padres were wearing their '90s blue pinstripes and orange font. It's so glorious to see the Padres wear anything other than unis from the 2000s. It reminded us of better times, when you could be proud of the team. Meanwhile, the tanking Braves dropped the hammer on the Pads, but Wil Myers homered for the second time, making a case for a Home Run Derby appearance.

In the down time I looked around the ballpark and noticed that the Padres still haven't replaced the RAK initials for Ray Kroc or Jerry Coleman's star. Earlier in the season when I noticed they had been painted over, CMO Wayne Partello told us that new versions were being fabricated.

We left our seats in the 8th inning to check out the start of the DJ Snoopadelic concert in the Park at the Park. On our way we checked in on the progress of the Padres Hall of Fame, which may or may not be named after Bud Selig. it looks like they still have a long way to go, but it's supposed to be open on All-Star weekend.

The Snoop concert was taking forever to start and Kev was stressing out about picking up his kids. I told him that Snoop would be out any minute, because the local radio DJs were clearly out of material. We could see IT guys working furiously on Snoop's DJ laptop. To chill Kev out we decided to leave and apparently missed Snoop, doing things that Snoop is known to do.

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It's always a good time at Padres games with the fellas and a great way to cap off #NationalBestFriendsDay.