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TFHS Closer Look: 2016 Father's Day Cap

Let's take a closer look at the new Father's Day cap for this year.

In keeping with a new tradition in Major League Baseball, a new cap has been released for purchase. Next up in MLB's special event caps (just after Memorial Day) is Father's Day on June 19th. Just the same as the Mother's Day caps, there is a Father's Day version which is very similar.

Graphite crown and brim
Powder blue interlocking SD, eyelets, squatcho, and stitching detail

Much the same as the Mother's Day version, this is a graphite colored cap with light blue accents. The color appears in the interlocking SD, thread, eyelets and squatcho as shown here.

The MLB Batterman logo includes a darker shade of blue alongside light blue and white.

The underbrim is a lighter gray, which has been a hallmark of fashion caps and on-fields prior to 2006-07. The sweatband of course is the standard black.

It's easy to see the Mother's Day pops a bit more; the pink is definitely more eye-catching when compared to the powder blue.

So what do you think? Just another useless cap for a holiday? Looking forward to receiving one of your own? What do you think?

By the way, stay tuned. You may have seen tidbits on Twitter of a project I've been working on with a familiar artist. I'm excited to reveal it to you all very soon!