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James Shields trade talk has three teams in the mix

MLB: San Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Padres GM A.J. Preller is attempting to escape from the large contracts that he handcuffed the organization with in his freshman year. He's already wiggled out of the Craig Kimbrel contract, while receiving prospects in return, and now he's moved his focus to James Shields.

Preller signed Shields to the largest deal in club history with a 4 years and $75M. When Shields came on board he set it his goal to bring the first championship to San Diego. Things haven't gone as planned as the Padres have been in or near the cellar since that time.

It's been reported over the last week that the White Sox have interest in him. Now two unnamed clubs are also in the mix according to Ken Rosenthal.

This talk comes on the heels of one of two terrible starts that Shields is expects each season. This resulted in open criticism from Padres Chairman Ron Fowler earlier in the week.