Dee says BSPlaza is renamed


SILEO:....It looks too, this Bud Selig Wing thing isn't happening and you're going in a different direction because you heard the fans, no? DEE: Well yeah, I think that's the easiest way to put it. The announcement believe it or not was two years ago. And, uh, it was pretty clear coming right out of that there was a pretty big part of our fanbase that had an issue with it. There were others that didn't. But enough fans for sure let us know how they felt where we've been working on this Hall of Fame, the new Padres Hall of Fame, which is opening this Friday. This is a timely topic, since we've been in planning mode since last year, we decided to make a midcourse correction and the Comissioner was very gracious and understood. Nobody is more in tune with the media and fans than Comissioner Selig. He reads fifty newspapers a day so he was aware of the backlash and some of the sentiment that existed. He was very supportive of the decision to move in another direction and we are going to honor him in a way that is more appropriate inside the Padres offices - inwardly facing to commemerate his contribution by the Commissioner. But the Padres Hall of Fame Plaza will be THE PADRES HALL OF FAME PLAZA, that's the outdoor area outside of the actual Hall of Fame 2000 square foot indoor space.....

Mighty 1090, Dan Sileo interview 06-29-16 (this transcription isn't perfect; sue me)