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The sweep eludes the Padres yet again

A 3-0 loss on a Sunday. What is it with Sundays?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Although the temperature didn't, the San Diego Padres' offense cooled off today. After scoring 23 runs in the past 3 games against the Reds, the Pads couldn't come with anything today. Luis Perdomo wasn't acing things out a la Drew Pomeranz, but he wasn't half bad either. A strong start from Anthony DeSciafani was all it took.

Perdomo lasted about 6 innings, a longer start than most others in our rotation, and notched 5 strikeouts. But it was the 7 hits, one of them a home run, that led to the 3 earned runs that would prove enough for the Reds to stay on top and hand Luis an L. Brad Hand and Brandon Maurer kept the Frairs in the game, but nothing came around offensively to make the effort worth it.

On the final at bat of the day, Wil Myers put some love into his wave, and drilled the ball into deep right field. The ball sailed, then sailed some more, then dropped into Jay Bruce's glove. Game over, no sweep. Maybe some other team will be nice enough to offer that for us. At least we can confirm the Pads can win three in a row.

I'd say two games against the Orioles at home is a perfect time to sweep.

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