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Look at you go, Drew Pomeranz!

After today's 3-0 win, the Padres are that much closer to a 4-game sweep.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thomas Andrew Pomeran's world, and we're just living in it. Pomz and the Pads got some more shots in against the Reds after the team have beat them up the past two days. Today, they shut 'em out, and showed some well-rounded offense. Well-rounded in that our starting pitcher also provided 2 of the 3 runs scored all day.

Pomeranz threw phenomenally for 7 innings, mostly getting out of innings with groundouts and flyouts. He struck out 6 by the end of his start, and only allowed 3 hits and gave up a single walk. His ERA is now sitting very comfortably at 2.76, essentially becoming our ace. He also has hit 102 strikeouts this season, and seems to be the guy to collect the wins.

Oh, he can also hit, if not just against the Reds today. After a Matt Kemp groundout RBI in the first, Drew hit his first home run of the season, and second of his career. He kicked up his leg and smashed it oppo, unnerving an already frustrated Brandon Finnegan.

Then, like an absolute madman, he drove in a second run with an RBI base hit up the middle. He scored Derek Norris, who reached second by stealing it, which is his third stolen base of the season. In five years, Norris is about to reach 20 stolen bases total. The Padres seem to thrive on the unorthodox.

Pomeranz drives in his second run of the day

All of this means that tomorrow, when Luis Perdomo gets the ball placed in his hand to match up against Anthony DeSclafani, the Padres will have a chance to complete their very first sweep of the season, before June ends! And it will be a 4-game sweep at that! Go Padres!

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