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Padres President gets “A” grade from Ownership

MLB: Petco park Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres organization sure seems like a mess to us outsiders. Their team’s record over the past few seasons has been one of the worst. By their own account they won't be competitive (whatever that means) for at least another two years. They seem to be constantly battling PR distasters; just last week their Executive Chairman said they are “miserable failures”. Yet remarkably they remain confident, bordering on arrogant, about how they see themselves.

Padres' Dee gets vote of confidence from owner

Mike gets a grade that's no less than an 'A.' Anybody who works as hard as Mike does and juggles as many balls as he does, from time to time there's probably going to be things you can criticize him for — just like anybody can criticize me for things — but when you balance the scales, I think he does an exceptional job for us."

An “A” for an executive of a team in this condition with this record? Peter Seidler must grade on a curve or only care about money. I just tossed the question out to the fans, the customers of their product. Sure there’s some bias in our poll results, but there’s certainly some bias on Seidler’s end too. The results were a bit different and that’s probably just another sign of the disconnect.