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MLB Draft 2016: Day Two Open Thread

A place to chat about the second day of Padres drafting

MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

With all the picks by the Padres yesterday, 5 in total, I could see how some might be feeling pretty full of draft talk after day one. It’s funny because last year the Padres only had one pick on day one and there was still plenty of anticipation for day two. I find myself getting psyched for the possibilities of what come in these middle rounds. Last year we saw the club pluck SP Jacob Nix in the 3rd round (3.05 ERA with Fort Wayne this season and #7 on’s top Padres prospects for 2016) and C Austin Allen in the 4th round (hitting .315 for Fort Wayne). Plus, the Padres are expected to have saved some of their allocated money from the higher picks to use on these later picks to help bring in some higher upside talent that need to be persuaded from going to or returning to college ball.

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s picks

The drafting starts today at 10 am PT.