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The Best Baseball Movie of All Time. And the winner is...

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Field of Dreams!  Oh, and The Sandlot!  And don't forget about The Natural!

That's right, a three way tie!  After a lengthy nomination process we arrived at 9 films last week qualifying for the Best Baseball Movie of All Time.  With well over a hundred votes Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, and The Natural all received 20% of the vote.  The Sandlot and Field of Dreams had exactly the same number of votes, while The Natural was just one shy of the aforementioned.  According to the Academy, a film within 3 votes of the winner will result in a tie.  Therefore The Natural is to be included.

From the get go my money was on Field of Dreams or The Natural.  I love the Natural.  I specifically remember seeing it in the theater when I was eight.  I can watch it over and over, and I often find myself quoting it in daily conversation.  Years ago, when Dex and I visited the Hall of Fame we made sure to pay our respects.

The Natural

I always liked Field of Dreams but I never would have considered it the absolute Best.  I always ranked it behind The Natural and even Bull Durham.  A few years ago that all changed when my wife and I visited Iowa.  If you are a ballpark checklist kind of person this has to be included.  It's truly magical and will make you appreciate the film that much more.

Jon Field of Dreams

I was a little surprised by The Sandlot, perhaps it's because of my age.  I would guess that some of us elders were too old in 1993 to embrace The Sandlot like others have.  I suppose it's worthy.

So like uniforms and caps, we can finally put this debate to bed.  Well that is until Jbox, Dex and I finally get our film about the Fighting Catfish off the ground.