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How current Padres batters have fared against Bartolo Colon

Colon has dominated Alexi Ramirez and Jemile Weeks, while Melvin Upton and Matt Kemp have done well.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Bartolo Colon has been in the league so long that Ty Cobb once charged the mound against him, so it would stand to reason that most of the Padres' position players would have a track record with him. Not so. Of the 13 non-pitchers on San Diego's active roster, only seven have faced Colon. Of those seven, only two have a double-digit total of at-bats against him. Those who have yet to step in versus Colon include starting catcher Derek Norris and his batterymate James Shields, and starting first baseman Wil Myers. The others, who might have to wait even longer to face him, are veteran utility man Adam Rosales and rookie outfielders Jabari Blash, Travis Jankowski, and Alex Dickerson.

H/AB Slash line Other
Christian Bethancourt 1/3 .333/ .333/ .333
Jon Jay 2/9 .222/ .222/ .333 2B, 2 K
Matt Kemp 4/9 .444/ .444/ .444 2 RBI, K
Alexei Ramirez 0/15 .000/ .000/ .000
Melvin Upton 10/33 .303/ .395/ .485 2B, 3B, HR, 5 RBI, HBP, 10 K
Brett Wallace 1/5 .200/ .200/ .200 3 K
Jemile Weeks 0/7 .000/ .000/ .000

Aside from Kemp and Upton, Colon has held his own, especially against Ramirez. It's fascinating that such a domination would include no strikeouts, so perhaps tonight's the night a bloop will fall in.