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Padres will induct Ken Caminiti and Ted Williams into their Hall of Fame

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Out of nowhere the Padres announced two new additions to their Hall of Fame.  They chose Ken Caminiti who played for 4 years from 1995-1998 with the Friars while becoming the team's only NL MVP in 1996.  He was an integral part of two playoff teams in 1996 and 1998.

Watching him play was incredible.  He was a switch hitter with insane power and his glove and his arm at third base was the stuff of legend.  Who in San Diego wasn't desperately trying to grow a goatee and rolling around in the grass trying to imitate his throws from foul territory?  Basically no one.  At the time we thought he was only fueled by Snickers and unfiltered Mexican water, but later he would admit to PED use.  Still the memories remain and my fondness for him never fades.  I admire him for coming clean about his dirty game, but he did cheat.  His enhanced performance on the field made him one of the greatest Padres.

Ted Williams on the other hand, while one of the greatest hitters who ever lived, was just a PCL Padre for a short time.  He never played for the Major League team because it didn't exist.  It's a surprising pick and a bit of a head scratcher to be honest.  I'm not sure about the criteria to get into the Hall of Fame, but I'm okay with them opening the gates to all who are famous.  Still you'd think that there'd be others who are more deserving that would be inducted first.  Like maybe another Ted.  Leitner has been a broadcaster for like 35 years and not only can he not get in the Hall of Fame but they won't give him more than a one year contract.  Strange.  It's the order of induction confuses me.

Bill Center, who is the only person I know on the Hall of Fame committee hints at future additions.

Let them all in.

Ted Williams inducted to Padres Hall of Fame |

"In their own distinctive ways, Williams and Caminiti played pivotal roles in the story of the Padres," said longtime Padres beat writer and current team historian Bill Center

Williams will be inducted on July 1st and  Caminiti on August 6th.