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San Diego gets melted in series finale

The Dbacks take 2 from the Padres, beating them 6-3.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend was sort of like poetry. It rhymed. Yesterday, the Padres were trailing an early lead, fought hard to make up for that, and fell short in the 9th. Today, they fell early again, in the same inning, and made much less of an effort to catch up on a smaller lead.

Drew Pomeranz stayed in much longer than Cesar Vargas, his younger, Saturday-starting counterpart. It hasn't yet been declared that Pomz is sore anywhere other than his head after his start, but that didn't make the results any less ugly. He gave up six runs, one on a bunt-single that Wil Myers didn't have the gusto to throw straight to the plate, opting to sling an off-target throw back to first.

The rest of the runs came from an array of a home run, RBI-double, another pair of infield-choices from Alexi Amarista and Alexei Ramirez.

The Friars tried to bounce back again after scoring early, this time off a Christian Bethancourt RBI-single. Ramirez hit his very first home run of the season, a nice big shot into left-center. Wil Myers tried to get things going late, but ended the scoring at 3 with an fielder's choice RBI in the 8th.

Ramirez's first home run as a Padre

So San Diego won't take this series, and won't stay out of last. Not this weekend, at least. They'll now have to face a much stronger Seattle Mariners team, and Andrew Cashner will be put up against Nathan Karns.

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